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Enclosed are some FAQ answers for the election process.

posted 28 Jul 2017, 13:08 by Mukesh Kesharwani   [ updated 28 Jul 2017, 13:09 ]
Don’t miss the opportunity to become (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter director, contribute to the Information Security community, shape the future for yourself and build new alliances.  
Enclosed are some frequently asked questions answers for the election process.

1. Can existing director nominate their names for election for the director's role only? Even though if they completed two years?
Answer:  Yes, Two-year restriction caveat is present in the bylaws for officer role players not for directors. Even though the directors are the right candidate to fulfil the vacated officer’s role as they experienced what is needed from officer role players.

2. If I am treasurer or secretary can I nominate my name for membership chair or president?
Answer:  Yes, the bylaws says that you should not hold the same role for more than two years.
3. Is their additional fee I have pay being a director or an officer role player?
Answer:  Yes, director’s annual membership fee is $50 which you have to pay during the next year membership renewal cycle if you are going to be elected as a directory by other members.
4. Can I nominate any other existing chapter member name other than myself?
Answer:  Yes, However, you should take the consensus from him/her that he is willing to participate in elections.
5. Is this election communication being announced by too?
Answer:  No, the communication which you received it is for global election. This election we are conducting for the local chapter.
6. What is a nomination closing date?
Answer:  Nomination process would be closed by 10th Aug 2017
7. When are members able to vote for their candidate?
Answer:  Ballot box would be open on 15th Aug 2017 and closed on 29th Aug 2017, final results we are going to announce on 31st Aug 2017.
8. Where can I read the bylaws?
Answer:  By laws is published on our website on the resources page.  (

9. Does a chapter director need to be a CISSP in good standing?
Answer:  For 4 role players, YES this is a must have (President, Membership Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) for 6 director’s positions, No, this is not a must have.

10. What will be my key responsibilities as a director?
Answer:  Attend directors meeting, facilitate the initiative, and participate in the activities coordinated by chapter and help chapter to take decisions. 

11. How to nominate myself?
Answer: It is very simple, drop your email to with the details requested. If you want, you can use the enclosed below template to provide your response.