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CPE Opportunity: Hands-on Threat Hunting Workshop on 27th May 2020

posted 22 May 2020, 15:44 by Mukesh Kesharwani

Hi All, 
During such crucial times, it’s difficult for us to organise any face 2 face learning opportunity. Still learning never ends or never stops. INithe last three months, I learned so many things about the Virology. Now time to switch back to our field. We understand that during this unprecedented time, many members of the cybersecurity community are looking for ways to maintain their professional certifications. In response to this, we have put together these workshops to provide an informational, educational, and interactive session for practitioners that focuses on how advanced analytics capabilities and threat hunting tools can help Cyber and Insider threat teams quickly detect and investigate threats. The workshop is free to attend, and we are offering 3.0 CPE credits upon completion of the workshop. So far, we have conducted these workshops for the past month with tremendous success.

Hence like to announce that one of our supporters is conducting regional Virtual Hands-on Threat Hunting Workshops. We have an upcoming workshop scheduled for your region on May 27, and I am reaching out as recommended by (ISC)², to ask if you are able to promote this opportunity on your website and share it with your local chapter members in your regular communications. Please have a look at our event, objectives, and agenda on our registration page:

I have also attached a flyer, for our members. Register yourself for the upcoming event using the registration link provided above. 

2019 Election Results

posted 10 Dec 2019, 16:39 by Mukesh Kesharwani

Dear ISC2 Sydney Chapter member,

We would like to update you on the 2019 election results.
For this year the number of nominees applied for roles on the board was less than the number of members required, and for this reason, no voting was needed.
The final election results are as follows:

President:             Nitin Ram
Treasurer:             Mukesh Kesharwani
Membership chair: Prashant Haldankar
Secretary:             Joseph Mikhail
Director 1:             Amber Umair
Director 2:             Vamsee Krishna
Director 3:             -vacant-
Director 4:             -vacant-

Looking forward to an exciting year ahead. We welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Nominations open for 2019 election !

posted 18 Aug 2019, 21:03 by Mukesh Kesharwani

Dear (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter member,
As you may be aware, this is the time of the year for the Board of Directors Election for Sydney Chapter.
I've been privileged by the board to run the Election for this year 2019, and I am pleased to announce that the election nomination phase is now open. 
As per the ISC2 Bylaws, a member in the board holding one of the 4 mandatory roles (see below from #1 to #4), cannot hold the same role for more than 2 consecutive terms (2 years), except for Director role (#5) where there is no restriction with the number of terms. So all members who have served a period of 2 years in the same role (except Directors) are still entitled to the nomination but for a different role.
By receiving this email, you are eligible to nominate yourself, and I urge you all to participate and nominate yourself for one of the roles. 
If you are interested, please respond to this email with a small paragraph to appeal to other members why they should vote for you, along with a passport size photo.  

Nomination process would be closed by Wed 28th of Aug 2019 at 11:59 PM.
An online election ballot box will be opened on Mon 2nd of Sep 2019. More details on how to cast your vote will be shared later. 
Please read the Bylaws to understand your responsibilities if you are nominating yourself for any of the roles.
The nomination is open for following roles:
1.)    President
2.)    Secretary
3.)    Treasurer
4.)    Membership Chair
5.)    Directors (x4)
Below is a template to draft your responses. It’s an opportunity the Chapter is giving you to display and sharpen up your leadership skills.

All the best,

Joseph Mikhail
Founding member & Treasurer
(ISC)2 Sydney Chapter 
Template (text in "Appeal to members" is as an example only, please use your own words) :
Name:                         <insert your name>
Nominating for:         President or Secretary or Treasurer or Membership Chair or Director
                                        (please select only 1 role to be nominated for, and delete the rest)
Appeal to members: It would be my pleasure to serve you all by being a member of the board. 

My goals are:  
1- Building stronger chapter 
2- ....
3- ....
Please vote for me for the role of <...> to make the chapter even better.
Picture: <a recent passport size photo to be provided

Nominations open for 2018 election !

posted 3 Aug 2018, 14:08 by Mukesh Kesharwani   [ updated 3 Aug 2018, 14:24 ]

Dear (ISC)2 Members, 
You received this email because you are eligible to participate in this year election as a candidate to play an active role for the chapter. Please nominate your name for playing an active role by sending me following details 

Full Name: 
Latest passport size picture of yours:
Participating for: President / Membership Chair / Secretary / Treasurer / Director (Select only one position out of these 5)
Appeal/Short Summary of yours: Why members vote for you  (not more than 5 lines please)

Important  dates and information
1. Nomination closes on 11th Aug 2018
2. Ballot Bin is going to get opened after 15th Aug 2018 for voting. 
3. Voting process closes on 31st Aug 2018
4. Election results would be made public in the first week of Sep 2018

** In case no nomination received for four active role players, Then elected directors are going to select the participants for the missing role player in their first executive council meeting after the election.

So hurry up !!! Chairs are awaiting for 

Upcoming 2018 Election

posted 27 Jul 2018, 13:32 by Mukesh Kesharwani

Dear (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter Members, 
Didn't realise that one more year gone and we progressed toward the 4th year of our establishment. But as winter is wrapping up and everyone is preparing to welcome spring, I am preparing to conduct an election to elect directors and officers of (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter. This is a good opportunity for our eligible members to hone and polish leadership skills by becoming an acting director or become an officer to play a vital role in chapter administrative work. 

Watch out space for more information on election and read our bylaws if you are interested to contribute to the community. 

"Cyber Risk Assurance": an ISACA & (ISC)2 Joint Professional Development Event (2 CPE)

posted 23 Mar 2018, 22:18 by Amber Umair   [ updated 23 Mar 2018, 22:31 ]

PRESENTATION 1: "Understanding the Threat"
Presenter:Edward Farrell | Director & Principal Consultant at Mercury Information Security Services

PRESENTATION 2: "Government Cyber Security Readiness Indicator"
Vivienne Mutembwa, | Research Consultant


Thank you to our venue and hospitality sponsor:MEETIG8(

For more details and registration:

23rd Nov (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter Educational Event

posted 8 Nov 2017, 10:02 by Mukesh Kesharwani   [ updated 8 Nov 2017, 10:11 ]

(ISC)2 Sydney Chapter welcomes all our member for this year’s final event. We have two speakers talking about Security in DevOps, some of the challenges they have faced, their experience on tools and mitigating controls.

To attend the event reserve your seat

Topic 1 – How to leverage Open Source Intelligence

James Keppel will discuss how to scope & mitigate your exposure on the other side of your firewall.
Conducting an assessment of publicly accessible information which can be leveraged to launch an attack against your infrastructure, and what can be done to mitigate the risk once Pandora's box is opened.
Speaker Profile: James Keppel is CSO at SecureCo, the payments and compliance cloud, and technical security consultant, specializing in ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, secure engineering, encryption, risk management frameworks, and DevSecOps.

Topic 2 – Implementing Security in DevOps Start-ups

Ivy Young will discuss her experience in implementing security in DevOps. She will talk about key challenges and opportunities facing start-ups; cloud adoption; what should be the approach and early steps. She will also share some of the lessons learned during the process.
Speaker Profile: Ivy Young has worked forTrustwave, PwC, and Aon and has helped a diverse portfolio of clients to proactively manage data protection risks and deliver business solutions that drive customer insights, reduce operating expenses, and improve their security and compliance posture. Ivy is currently working for Trade Ledger as a Security Engineer ensuring security is integrated with the DevOps.
Registrations open at 05:15pm. Seats are limited. Please RSVP by November 21st, 2017.
Networking and refreshments will follow the presentations.
Thank you to our event sponsor:
Macquarie Telecom

(ISC)2 Sydney Chapter – Anniversary Educational Event

posted 9 Aug 2017, 20:25 by Mukesh Kesharwani

(ISC)2 Sydney Chapter welcomes all our members and guests to our 2nd-anniversary event. We have planned two very intriguing topics for discussion presented by two dynamic speakers.

Topic 1
Title - Cyber Security – insights from the ASX100 Cyber Health Check Survey
David Owen will provide a selection of insights from the recent ASX100 Cyber Health Check Survey, in addition to perspectives on current threat trends from Deloitte’s work across a wide range of Australian clients.

Speaker Profile: David Owen is a Partner in Deloitte’s Cyber & Privacy practice. David has over 15 years’ experience in cyber security, including 5 years leading cyber security for MBDA UK, the largest designer and manufacturer of guided missiles to the UK’s army, navy and air forces. David is a keen cyclist and secretly wears tight Lycra to ‘support groups’ at the weekend.

Topic 2
Title - AWS Cloud Security Concepts
Zoheb Ainapore will talk about his practical experience working with AWS. He will explain various security concepts of security using AWS components, such as access management, encryption at-rest and in-transit, network segregation, malware protection etc.

Speaker Profile: Zoheb Ainapore is a Senior Security Advisor with Hivint, Sydney where he provides a broad range of information security advisory services, covering strategy, governance, risk, architecture and compliance, helping clients by drawing on over 15 years of ICT industry and security experience gained in Australia, Middle East and South Asia. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications and numerous certifications including the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and other vendor specific certifications. Zoheb is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and actively participates within the Sydney information security community.

We will be announcing our Chapter election results during this event !!

Registrations open at 05:15pm. Seats are limited. Please RSVP by August 24 2017.
Networking and refreshments will follow the presentations. 
Thank you to our event sponsor:

We hope you can join in our celebrations !!!

Enclosed are some FAQ answers for the election process.

posted 28 Jul 2017, 13:08 by Mukesh Kesharwani   [ updated 28 Jul 2017, 13:09 ]

Don’t miss the opportunity to become (ISC)2 Sydney Chapter director, contribute to the Information Security community, shape the future for yourself and build new alliances.  
Enclosed are some frequently asked questions answers for the election process.

1. Can existing director nominate their names for election for the director's role only? Even though if they completed two years?
Answer:  Yes, Two-year restriction caveat is present in the bylaws for officer role players not for directors. Even though the directors are the right candidate to fulfil the vacated officer’s role as they experienced what is needed from officer role players.

2. If I am treasurer or secretary can I nominate my name for membership chair or president?
Answer:  Yes, the bylaws says that you should not hold the same role for more than two years.
3. Is their additional fee I have pay being a director or an officer role player?
Answer:  Yes, director’s annual membership fee is $50 which you have to pay during the next year membership renewal cycle if you are going to be elected as a directory by other members.
4. Can I nominate any other existing chapter member name other than myself?
Answer:  Yes, However, you should take the consensus from him/her that he is willing to participate in elections.
5. Is this election communication being announced by too?
Answer:  No, the communication which you received it is for global election. This election we are conducting for the local chapter.
6. What is a nomination closing date?
Answer:  Nomination process would be closed by 10th Aug 2017
7. When are members able to vote for their candidate?
Answer:  Ballot box would be open on 15th Aug 2017 and closed on 29th Aug 2017, final results we are going to announce on 31st Aug 2017.
8. Where can I read the bylaws?
Answer:  By laws is published on our website on the resources page.  (

9. Does a chapter director need to be a CISSP in good standing?
Answer:  For 4 role players, YES this is a must have (President, Membership Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) for 6 director’s positions, No, this is not a must have.

10. What will be my key responsibilities as a director?
Answer:  Attend directors meeting, facilitate the initiative, and participate in the activities coordinated by chapter and help chapter to take decisions. 

11. How to nominate myself?
Answer: It is very simple, drop your email to with the details requested. If you want, you can use the enclosed below template to provide your response.

Nominations open for 2017 Election

posted 21 Jul 2017, 11:57 by Mukesh Kesharwani   [ updated 8 Nov 2017, 10:06 ]

As our second anniversary is coming soon, it’s time for me announce the 2017 election nominations too. A chapter like to invite you all to nominate yourself for the following roles. We are planning to open an election ballot box by 15th Aug 2017. Hence please respond to me with a small paragraph to appeal to the other members,  why they should elect you along with passport size photograph. Nomination process would be closed by  10th of Aug 2017.
Please read the bylaws to understand your responsibilities if you are nominating yourself for any roles.
The nomination is invited for following positions
1.)    President
2.)    Membership Chair
3.)    Secretary
4.)    Treasure
5.)    Directors (x6)
So what you are waiting for use enclosed below template to draft your responses. It’s an opportunity chapter is giving you to display and sharpen up your leadership skills.

Send your nominations to "" in enclosed below template. 


Mukesh Kesharwani

Nominating for:


Appeal to members:

I would like to request you all to please vote for me so that I should serve you and this chapter. I was involved in establishing the chapter and my experience is going to help all members and new officers in the role to coordinate the administrative activities to run this chapter smoothly.  Moreover, I am retiring from the role as per our bylaws, not from my passion. This chapter is my passion and would like to serve it until  I am in Sydney, provided I will get support from you. So please vote for me as 2017 director. 


 Before 10th Aug 2017

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